Heshoutang Healing Plants


The healing power of plants

We follow Heshoutang’s individualized natural health system to diagnose and treat clients using herbs that are highly effective and safe.  Heshoutang natural health system can quickly deal with most common diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, gastric acid reflux, stomach pain, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, body pains, skin problems, infertility, painful menstruation, arthritis, impotence, obesity, hepatitis, kidney stones, migraine, and Parkinson disease, etc.

Heshoutang is the first company to create a standard of natural products called GESIN: GESIN is a rule to guarantee TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) products are authentic, effective, safe, and reliable and benefits the customer.  GESIN stands for Geo Herbalism, Effectiveness, Safety, Individuation, and Nature.

Better products and ingredients mean better for you and your body.

Geo Herbalism

Some of our products’ ingredients need raw powder, and some require extracts from the herbs. We select only authentic herbs or geoherbs to guarantee their quality and effectiveness for the herbs of these two forms.


All our products’ ingredients or formulas are selected under a clear and precise history record matching the products’ actions and indications. We guarantee products are effective, and nothing is more substantial than a long history of applications to prove effectiveness. Also, we study and collect modern research about its efficacy and toxicity, never exaggerating the functions.


We guarantee our products are safe in three ways. First, some herbs are toxic, and they either cannot be taken or used for an extended period. When we select the herbs, we give up all toxic herbs, though some are very effective for the diseases. Second, we create all our products under GMP conditions. Third, we do a heavy metal treatment for every herb and batch, and we perform a biocidal treatment separately.


Pattern identification, treatment, and individualization is the key to natural health. It refers to different people, times, seasons, and formulas to guarantee the treatment is correct, practical, and the most reasonable.


All our products are 100% herbal, with no hormones or chemicals, no preservatives, artificial colors, or no caffeine.

40 Formulas

Heshoutang has 40 formula products that we are authorized to sell. They have been proven to be effective and safe in the Heshoutang Natural Health System with capsule dose, patch dose, tea bag dose, and spray dose. All Heshoutang products are 100% natural with GESIN standards to be made.

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A note from Heshoutang founder Tom Wang.

“Trust is the first important rule, and it is the first key that opens the door to success.”

Heshoutang keeps trust in the formula, in the ingredients, in manufacturing processing, and in transactions, and based on this procedure, Heshoutang created the GESIN standard for Heshoutang natural products and services to guarantee quality.

With a great research team and GESIN standard, HESHOUTANG has created a series of great and effective products for patients with diabetes, cancer, arthritis, digestive disorders, hepatitis and early-stage liver cirrhosis, stones, and prostatitis, insomnia, migraine, low energy, etc. 

Because of the shortage of natural doctors and the wide development of the Internet, Internet + Diagnosis + Medication is a trend for people to accept, and it is the only way by which people can get professional natural health services maximum. HESHOUTANG has studied and practiced this way for many years and wildly succeeded in the Heshoutang USA clinic. Heshoutang online diagnosis and medication can offer people an individual natural therapy plan, and it will bring an unexpected benefit for people worldwide.”

Experience the power of 5000+ years of TCM history

All products are 100% natural, safe for you to include as part of your daily diet, and without restricting you from your prescribed medication.

It is brought to you in 40 unique, highly effective formulas with a successful application for over five years in the USA and 10 years worldwide.