Myopractics is a natural healing practice concerned with movement.  It uses a non-traumatic form of manipulation that enables the body to restore and maintain a state of well-being.

The 3 goals of Myopractics

New Life Therapeutics Restoration through Myopractics


Allow the body to function freely without tension, pain, or stress.

New Life Therapeutics Restoration through Myopractics


Elevate the body’s vitality and ability to function at optimum capacity.

New Life Therapeutics Restoration through Myopractics


Restore the movement of all the moving parts of the body, allowing them to work as designed.

The basic underlying principle of Myopractics is “life is motion.” When in a healthy state, every body part has a particular innate movement. This motion is expressed in all cells, tissues, organs, and structures of the body. Whether it is the more significant movement of the rib cage, which contracts and expands with every breath, or the smaller movement of blood circulation through an artery in the brain, movement is basic to sustaining life. Through Myopractics motion is restored in whatever area may be restricted, so that the individual regains freedom of movement, freedom of pain, tension, and stress.

An important premise of Myopractics is that the pelvis is the body’s cornerstone.  It is the largest bone structure of the body and is designed to carry your body weight.  If there is an imbalance in the pelvis, the body may shift the burden and tension of weight bearing into another area.  The body can often create a restriction in attempt to regain normal posture.  Myopractics goes to the source of the problem; removing the restrictions, allowing the body the ability to correct itself and function freely.  The purpose is not to put things “back in place” but to restore the motion.

Myopractics is helpful for the following conditions:

This frequent problem comes from a variety of issues.  Everything in the torso rests on the pelvis, and the musculature is designed in such a manner that the weight is directed into the bony structure of the pelvis.  First, I balance the pelvis (the foundation) and then work up the back to relieve further restrictions.

There are many reasons for headaches to occur.  Many clients that I see work behind a computer with poor ergonomics for long periods of time.  Tension in the back, shoulders, and neck might develop.  Any time muscles become aggravated and tighten, they ultimately will pull on bony structures and impair circulation.  Areas to check are the upper thoracic, cervical spine, occipitals, and shoulders.

The neck is commonplace for us to hold tension and stress.  Posture plays a large part in this, but so do restrictions in other areas like our backs and shoulders.  Ever feel pain down by your shoulder blade and it travels up the neck?  Many people working behind a computer or laptop experience neck pain.  Others hold their daily stresses in their shoulders which may create tension in the neck.  I find these restrictions and treat them to restore motion to the area as well as relieve the tension.

Ribs can be painful if the tissue is constricted or a rib is out of place.  With each inspiration and expiration, the pain can be magnified because the rib cage must flex.  Locating the source of the issue, whether anteriorly or posteriorly, will help us determine where to free you from the pain and tension.  Since breathwork is so vital for our health it is important that for the ribcage to expand and contract freely.

Musculature may be too tight in the jaw, or the jawbone could be off.  Usually, they go hand in hand.  If the structure is off, then one side of the musculature will hypertrophy and the other atrophy.  I treat the jaw so that that it can sit properly in the joints.  I will also show you how can relieve tension in the musculature.

One of the most common sources of pain we deal with is the low back.  Often the pelvis is the source of the problem, for example, the sacrum is posterior causing a straight lumbar, or one hip is pulled up higher than the other.  The primary concern is to balance the pelvis as the vertebrae stack on top and need a solid foundation.  Treating the surrounding tissue will aid to free up the pulling tension on those structures, as well as allow for weight to transfer freely across the hips and body.  Any lumbar vertebrae that need to be manipulated will have a better chance of being corrected once the pelvis is balanced.

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body running from the low lumbar (starting at L4) to the sole of the foot.  Many times, imbalances in the pelvis, surrounding tissue, and low lumbar vertebrae can become impaired and press on this nerve.  The pain can be magnified with motion or in stillness.  Balancing the pelvis, knees, feet, and low back will help release this discomfort.

Weight from the upper torso is transferred to the pelvis and redistributed to the knees.  Restrictions in the knees may cause the natural movement to become impaired and weight is not distributed properly helping to create pain.  Knock knees can be affected by femurs not sitting correctly in the hip joints.  An unbalanced pelvis also can cause issues with the knees.  Sometimes our pain is produced by an injury like a ligament tear.  In any case, balancing the pelvis will be a priority.  Then I will treat the knee joint and surrounding ligaments to relieve the tension where the femur and the tibia meet.  Rolling on a foam roller will help a tight IT (iliotibial) band and surrounding muscles that insert at the knee.

The feet are the body’s shock absorbers and have one of the most intricate nerve centers in the body.  Common issues might be sciatica, musculature and ligament imbalance, plantar fasciitis, and or pain in the Achilles.  Either way, standing or moving on a painful foot is no fun.  Manipulating several areas of the foot can help to relieve tension and pain, as well as restore the motion.  Working the tissues on the anterior and posterior lower limb also brings relief.  Those dealing with “pigeon toes” will need to have their pelvic ligaments treated.

The shoulder joint is very shallow with an intricate overlay of tissues to keep it stable.  Any restriction from a variety of places (neck, chest, back, bicep, triceps) can cause discomfort.  Manipulating the tissues and bony structures of the shoulder, as well as other areas of the torso, can restore motion and circulation.

The funny bone area.  This could be musculature or ligament related, an imbalance of bony structures at the elbow joint, or all three.  The nerves travel close to the surface around the elbow.  Treating the tissue and structure will help, as well as freeing restrictions in the shoulder that might be the source of origin.  Remember that everything is connected.

Ligaments surrounding the wrist can weaken and carpal bones from the hand can move up into the wrist.  This might elicit discomfort and clicking sounds.  Manipulations to the wrist will free up tension and reduce the pain.

The shoulder joint is very shallow with an intricate overlay of tissues to keep it stable.  Any restriction from a variety of places (neck, chest, back, bicep, triceps) can cause discomfort.  Manipulating the tissues and bony structures of the shoulder, as well as other areas of the torso, can restore motion and circulation.

There are several different types of vertigo.  Sometimes crystals are formed in the ear and there are natural remedies like the use of Hydrangea to help break them down.  My main concern is to locate and free any restriction in the upper cervical and occipital areas.  An imbalance here might free up restrictions pressing against the ear canals.

Organs have movement just like any other part of the body.  For example, inspiration causes the liver, spleen, and pancreas to move inferiorly, while expiration causes them to move superiorly.  Inspiration causes the kidneys to rock up, expiration causes them to rock down.  Inspiration causes small and large intestines to move superiorly, expiration causes them to move inferiorly.  Restrictions with organs or organs that have moved need to be manipulated.  This will also encourage blood flow to stimulate the organs.

Restrictions or imbalances to the bladder can cause frequent urination, inability to hold back urine flow, and or have constant infections.  The bladder can also fall into the vaginal canal if not properly secure.  I can check and treat the bladder (externally) where it can operate as designed in a stable and secure position.

The intestines are extremely important as they take the digested chyme from the stomach and extract the various nutrients and minerals our entire body needs as fuel for metabolic reactions.  Our gut is also responsible for other important functions like communicating messages to our brain, generating hormones, and aiding our immune system.  Many of us have issues with our gut and this affects our daily life, our routines, and moods.  Gut issues can be bacterial, overwhelmed by parasites, affected by our DIET, and the list goes on.  In any case, intestinal pain and discomfort can control us and hinder our health.  I will work on releasing any restriction and stimulate blood flow to aid the gut.  Understanding your lifestyle and diet will help.

This is a tricky one as the related issues could be many things like hormone irregularities to physical irregularities at the uterus or surround organs.  I will make sure your pelvis is balanced, check there are no restrictions at the uterus, bladder, and surrounding organs, and treat where needed (all of this is external treatment – no internal).  The treatment might only be a place to start, as your body might be dealing with something more intricate within the endocrine system.  Nevertheless, restoring motion and helping the circulatory system will be beneficial.

There are many reasons for difficulty getting pregnant.  One reason might be that the uterus may have shifted or is not sitting correctly in position.  I will check for this (externally) and manipulate the uterus (externally) as needed.  A uterus that is properly positioned will increase the chance of pregnancy and hopefully lower the risk of a miscarriage.

There are many benefits to a smooth and natural birth.  There is extra weight bearing down on the pelvis as a baby develops.  This weight may bring discomfort, especially if there are restrictions.  One way I can help this happen is by keeping the pelvis balanced.  This may also be beneficial during the delivery in shortening the labor process.

Many babies experience colicky symptoms.  This is painful for them and worrisome for the parent(s).  I will check the abdominal area to locate and treat any visceral, musculature, and or ligament restrictions.

Babies can have issues just like adults, the problem is that we cannot understand the pain they are crying out to communicate.  Through feeling their tissues and structure I can determine if restriction, structural issues, visceral, or tissue tension is the cause.

Everything in the body moves and everything is connected.  Freeing the body from restrictions and tension to restore balance and motion throughout the body will make a difference in the body’s ability to perform its designed tasks.  If the body is free from the tension that means circulation can occur, allowing vital nutrients to freely metabolize.  Freedom of restrictions is like removing a “cog in the wheel”.